Robin Hill

She swept in to save him from the rising seas. He was battered and bruised but his bones were intact. She caught his attention with a loving wave and wrapped her soft tentacles around his rotting frame. Her only thought was to save him with her talent for announcing ‘RED ALERT‘ and bring him back to life. It was a long and arduous process full of great difficulties and heaving obstacles. But she kept on and on and wouldn’t give up. She could never surrender for she was made of strong stuff…the stuff that dreams are made of – until one day he acquiesced to her embrace, took on her spirit of preservation and gathered her unto him and together they gave birth to a new tomorrow – one where he could once again be the seat he was destined to be: #16. Sweet and secure he would finish his days as a stalwart of the new stadium – an unvarnished warrior resurrected by the unstoppable force of love and destiny.