Lynette Faucher

When I first got the stadium seat, the graffiti colors were just so perfect, I thought that I could not improve upon it.  So I decided to just add to it with found objects based on those colors. 

I didn’t like the metal extensions which were on either side of the seat (they actually held the seats next to this one) so I decided to take them off and use them as legs. Then one night, while lying in bed, I realized the legs needed to have shoes. I went online and found a pair of bronze cast baby shoes for the front and cowgirl boots for the rear-and it turns out that they work very well. 

The piece on top of the seat was actually part of a bed that I had 25 years ago. I was looking in my dresser drawers for something blue-and I just found it. 

I never did attend a Marine Stadium event, but I did get into the Stadium a few years ago. I loved everything about it-the architecture, the graffiti and the magical feeling it exudes. I’ve heard about the Marine Stadium for years and by turning this seat into art, I now feel like a part of it all.