Lori Nozick

I chose to write a poetic memory on the seat slats as the chair itself was so beautiful to begin with.  In my studio practice, I often use reclaimed architectural elements as the mystery of the narrative emerges in the colors, textures, and structure of the piece.  I am inspired by the history and transformation of objects, and in this case, the faded blue paint and salt water effects on the wood created a texture and beauty that I wanted to honor.

The prose refers to my first experience of the Marine Stadium as I approached on a sailboat into the lagoon.

The majesty of the then ruin literally sang with the music of the environment and echoes of past lyrical compositions enjoyed by those seated above the water on these chairs.  Dolphins accompanied us, joyous in the fading sunset, and the thrumming of birds and water creating a tribute as we sat silently, seeing and hearing.

That is my poem to the chair.