Pat Cummins

More than five decades ago Miami Marine Stadium was designed by Hilario Candela. Candela’s design captures the city’s symbiosis of sea and soil. The stadium structure reminds us of the ripples of the bay. The stadium’s famous floating stage has offered concerts, boxing matches,political rallies, and church services. Selection of subject matter to be used on the Marine Stadium seat needed to connect the idea of floating. Using the chair as a canvas seemed to be an appropriate idea. The stadium remains a canvas for graffiti artists today, so it seemed a good choice to “paint” the seat. Nymphaeaceae, or water lilies thrive in freshwater ponds and still bodies of water in temperate and tropical climates around the world. The lily represents the floating stage. They both seem to float, but their roots are firmly planted in the soil beneath the water. The ripples of the water echo the stadium structure.

Oil on Canvas, glued to Miami Stadium Seat