Julie Davidow

My practice is a search for the gestalt – a reductive exercise in rendering the three dimensional into the two dimensional pictorial plane. It includes paintings, drawings, photography, and site-specific installations all investigating the organization of space with references to contemporary iconic architecture and influenced by the tension between the natural and built environments. Ultimately, these works are an interpretive study of the nuances of architecture, revealing the intrinsic rhythm of the built environment by distilling structure and space to its most essential elements.

The Miami Marine Stadium served as a dynamic backdrop to the theater of growing up in Miami. With its soaring lines, the cantilevered roof shielded my family from the South Florida sun as boats sped across the water of Biscayne Bay; and sheltered us from passing rain showers during evenings filled with music. Once abandoned, it became a playground, a rendezvous point, and a contemplative place to ponder the vicissitudes of life. Though faded, the strength and beauty of this architectural masterpiece has weathered time, its history intact.