Paola Cassola

I consider my art without borders and myself an explorer and researcher in constant pursuit of new frontiers. 

My art is more thon objects reflecting any singular meaning. My works are more about ongoing investigations that are meant to be shared with the public, as one might share a profound reportage published for the masses.I am interested in non-traditional methods of creation employing materials such as ropes as both active participant and aesthetic object. My paintings, also featuring ropes, are made with ropes replacing traditional brushes, in a series of composed movements that are documented impressions directed onto the canvas in a meditative process resulting in abstract compositions of repetitive mark-making. 

As a multimedia artist I move across various disciplines and practices, from performance art to photography, from sculpture to drawing, my work is about transforming my life experiences into a personal visual language that reveals hopes, humiliations, failures and successes in a candid and poetic, at times, strong and powerful way. I aim to produce art that is both dramatic and dreamful.  

For the Marine Stadium Seat Art Project I start from the idea that the ocean is never still and we expect to see waves on the horizon. The waves are caused by energy passing through the water, causing the water to move in a circular motion. Similarly in There, After (2018) the rope wraps over the wood of the deconstructed Marine Stadium seat in the attempt to give it some sort of movement. The stillness, solidity and resistance, of the original design acquires lightness, dynamism and energy. Its shape, form and volume is directed towards a new future, likewise is the Marine Stadium of Miami and its restoration.