Theresa Calluori

A New Jersey native, I studied fine art at Rutgers University and printmaking at the Pratt Graphics Center, New York. I have used my artistic skills to teach both the visually impaired and mentally challenged adults. I created my own genre called “Fruitscapes,” a cross between a landscape and a still life. Some of the paintings are not so still and depict fruit in various situations. My series of “Fish Dinners” add to healthy eating. “We all need more fruit and fish in our diets.” My 3 dimensional erotic torsos are most intriguing. The torsos as well as my other works are based on subjects such as fruit, relationships, play on words or euphemisms. The style of my work varies depending on what is the mood I am trying to achieve. “Tribute to Miami Marine Stadium” incorporates music with a day at the beach. 

Art is soul. It is not just visual art I make, I made art when I cook, dress, whenever I do anything. It is the way I live my life. My work is whatever pops into my head. Some ideas come quick and are executed quickly while others mull around for years and don’t materialize until I am ready.