Newton Wallace

Newton Wallace Artist Statement 


Ray Charles overcame blindness at an early age, and with immense talent and dedication, went on to become one of the greatest musical icons ever.  His attention to detail and drive to succeed doing what he loved, is a living testament to his greatness and an inspiration to every artist.


In terms of Art world, being self taught has premium benefits.  Shed the intricate terms, remove the veil of hidden meanings, abstract techniques of the old masters and look through the eyes of someone who loves what they see.

Euro-Jamaican Artist Newton Wallace is doing just that.  Nearly five years ago after a degree in Mechanical Engineering, working in both the national and international corporate world, Newton began sharing this vision; a vision of fun with colors, ideas, and dreams.

The allure of music, music, current events, and all types of people takes him in different directions when choosing his subjects. In addition, the ability to exert many different styles, and techniques makes his art non traditional.  It makes it fun for everyone.

His fun-loving carefree attitude proves art can be fun by turning what used to be doodles into his passion. A feeling of happiness and memory is achieved with Newton’s work, flowing with good energy. Catch it!  Feel it!  Pass it on!