WHUT Artist Statement 

Title: Miami Nights “2018”

Deriving inspiration from Artist Christo & Jeanne-Claude’s installation titled “Surrounded  Islands” Biscayne Bay Exhibition-Circa 1980-1983, Art Deco colors and Miami’s nightlife.

Miami Nights is a representation of an era like no other, an era that made mae Miami aka the Magic City.

Artist: WHUT

Medium: Mixed media/Urbano

Photo Credit: TechMental Media


About Artist:

Born 1977 and raised in Miami, FL.

Grabbing Inspiration from Miami & NYC graffiti, books like Subway Art, Spray Can Art and the 80’s/90’s era. His body of work includes a unique style of mixed media that consist of stickers, collage art, tags and stencils (but not limited to) that appeal to a large audience and are displayed both locally and globally in the streets. A very original unique style of its own!