Daniel Evans

My first interaction with Marine Stadium came as part of a Dragon Boat team — paddling madly with 19 others while our (mostly) kindly ex-Marine coach barked orders. My last attempt to get a look at the place was thwarted by a surprisingly watchful security guard who tossed me from the premises about 30 seconds after I climbed over the fence, so checking it out closely from the water side was really my first look. I remember being struck by the bullseye paint job, the graffiti and the weird beauty that only comes from places abandoned in plain sight.

I used that circular pattern on the seat and made the rest of the piece multicolored, trying to assign the place as I first saw it on a singular seat. I added neon tubing, calling to mind the brightness of South Beach, just across from Virginia Key. Finally, I capped off the seat by gluing capital letters that spells out F-U-N-K-Y-N-E-O-N-C-I-T-I-E-S in a radial pattern, as an homage to the impact that lighting style has had in South Florida generally.