Linda Odenburg

Inspiration for my artwork is a reflection of nature and the environment that I live in and enjoy. My landscapes are based on specific places, but are not exact representations. I painted three different landscapes on my stadium seat, which interpret different locations on Virginia Key. It was important for me to paint these landscapes which I take pleasure in weekly, by biking and kayaking. In Virginia Key, natural eco-systems co-exist next to urban Miami. The scene on the front of the chair depicts an area that I often kayak, where one can see the Rickenbacker Bridge and the city in the background, and the mangrove trees and sea grasses in the foreground. I used sand and washed up sea grass for the chair legs to unite the top and bottom sections of the chair. On the back of the chair, a beach scene from the Biscayne Bay side of Virginia Key with Key Biscayne in the background is painted. When the chair seat is lifted up, the third landscape can be viewed, which shows the ocean side of the key with cormorants on the beach.

Title – Virginia Key Vistas