Jane Krupp

Artist’s Statement



What to do? Restore or make new? Hold on to the past or dream the future?

As an artist and designer, these questions loom large over what to do when incorporating found objects into contemporary art, design and architecture.

Waterline refers to an edge…a metaphor for not only the chair which sits at the water’s edge, but the precarious situation of the stadium itself…will it stay afloat or sink?

We can finally see the answer: lost and found. Respect the past, extract its nostalgia and timeless truths but strategically move forward with ideas that speak to the future.

To realize this poetry, I refurbished the integrity of the metal frame and used the wood slats as the message board, leaving intact the previous found messages. The gold and silver added more metals, in a superficial way, to overlay the idea of a precious art object.

The chair had a will of its own…it wanted to be subtly about itself, not about the expression of a particular artist like me.

Thanks to the passion and tirelessness of a few, we can enjoy this Waterline: almost lost, now found…