Carolina Sardi

Artist Statement
My pieces are about the deep connections between every component of the universe. We are all made of the same atoms and the same elementary particles that vibrate and fluctuate between existence and non-existence. We are continually interacting with one and another and in doing so we become who we are. We carry within ourselves our individual history, but also our ancestral and universal history. Collective ideas are embodied on essential shapes and they can be discovered throughout my compositions. An abstract form is rarely void of significance; it carries meaning without sacrificing formalism. Organic biomorphic shapes, geometric figures and mathematics are used to create compositions that can be seen as a representation of nature, beings and phenomena.

Mangrove Chair, Marine Stadium Chair and Welded Rebar Steel, 2018

My piece using the Chair # 15 from the Marine Stadium is called Mangrove Chair.
I wanted to keep the chair as it was when it was given to me. Since it came without the stand, I decided to put legs on it.
The legs are not regular chair’s legs but they resemble roots and branches from a mangrove tree. I used rebar steel from a demolition site next to my studio in Little Haiti. The idea to repurpose materials from a demolition site and give legs as roots to the chair of the Marine Stadium is for me a symbol of giving new life to a historic object.
The symbolism of a mangrove tree is also appealing to me. Mangroves grow next to the water, they are resilient and they have a beautiful natural structure in order to thrive in their ecosystem.
The color and the graffiti in the chair are intact and it can be still use it as a chair if you are willing to climb up!

Artist Bio
Carolina Sardi is an Argentinean sculptor established in Miami since 1995.
She earned her Master Degree in Sculpture at the National University of La Plata in her country. She also studied Architecture and Urbanism at the same University and Sculpture with the artist Enio Iommi.
Some of her solo exhibitions include Panamerican Art Projects Gallery in Miami and Dallas; Lelia Mordoch Gallery in Paris, Cheryl Hazan Gallery in New York; Heriard Cimino Gallery in New Orleans; Government Center Gallery from Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs; Flashpoint Gallery in Washington DC; Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach; Mia Gallery, Miami International Airport; Museum of the Americas in Washington DC and Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale.
Sardi’s works are held by private, public and corporate collectors in the United States, Europe, South Africa and Latin America; and they can be found in the collections of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC, Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, Miami Dade Art in Public Places and The Related Group of Florida, among others.
Carolina Sardi it’s represented in Miami by Panamerican Art Projects.

Carolina Sardi, Mangrove Chair, Marine Stadium Chair and Welded Rebar Steel, 94” x 90” x 60”, 2018, Photo by Mariano Costa Peuser

Miami, July 2018