Paul Solovay

Paul Solovay Artist Statement 11/11/18
“Shape of Water Creature Visits Miami Marine Stadium”

What if the musical strains from Miami Marine Stadium penetrate the depths of Key Biscayne and draw forth a watery creature – like the one featured in the Academy Award winning movie “The Shape of Water”? I envision a teen version of this aquatic creature surfacing to get a better eye and earful of a Jimmy Buffett concert. (Perhaps they even met when Jimmy jumped into the bay from the Marine Stadium’s floating stage in the 80’s). In an effort to disguise himself and fit in with the crowd, our young merman dons a Buffett T- shirt, parrot-head hat, and cargo shorts. There he is, in his stadium seat, rocking the night away. Where did he get his Buffett duds? Who knows? But be on the lookout for a naked dude wandering near the stadium, a little dazed and confused.