Elisa Cellini

Elisa Cellini is a native Floridian. She has lived in Europe for much of her formative years returning to Florida to finish her education. She holds a BFA from the University of Florida and has shown her work in national and international venues. She works in a variety of media such as ceramic, sculpture, photography and painting. Elisa has traveled extensively and has visited most of the major museums in Europe and the United States. Elisa now makes Fort Lauderdale her home with her husband, Steve Argy, a well-renowned musician and singer.

Artist Statement

For years, I have been fascinated by textures only time and the elements could create. This has always been evident in my work. It has been a reoccurring theme that has morphed over the years to include a library of digital textures.

In nature, everything is in a constant state of change. There is beauty in the scars and marks of age that only time and nature can create. These marks left by time tell an elaborate and beautiful story.

When I received my historic Miami Marine Stadium seat, I fell in love with all of its weathered parts. I proceeded to try and capture the beauty of my seat through a series of detailed photographs. These photos celebrate how time and the elements carved and influenced the seat’s surface over the years creating a natural beauty all its own.

By bringing our attention to small details and making them the focal point and then nestling the photos amongst the actual seat remains, the viewer is able to witness a metamorphosis of old to new. Through my pieces, I have exhibited the theme of the cycle of birth, transformation, decay and rebirth.

The multimedia assemblages that I have created use actual pieces of the original Miami Marine Stadium seat in its natural state along with highly detailed and manipulated digital photos. With my assemblages, I have created a new landscape where old becomes new thus glorifying how time leaves its mark.

Elisa Cellini