Monique Lassooij

Statement “Best Seat on the Water” 

I could, looking at the pictures of the Marine Stadium in its glory days, literally taste the excitement and anticipation of the spectators for things to come. Whether it was a boat race or a concert, or the amazing location of this stadium, or all the people around you, there was always something to watch.

Monique Lassooij was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved several years ago to Miami, Florida. In The Netherlands the artist started out as an abstract painter but over the years she developed a passion for figurative painting. She attended the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague and has gone on to receive several commissions and can be found in public places such as the Town Hall of the city of Scheveningen in The Netherlands as well as in numerous private collections all over the world.

Her work explores the paradox in modern pop culture and society. Images which often appears easily understandable evidence an underlining dichotomy, sometimes interjected with humor, but which can also suggest emotions less discernable and welcoming.

Her training cultivated her technical prowess, and earnest appreciation for the subtleties of light and shadow demand a viewer’s attention, but it is the amalgamation of compassion and the understanding of her immediate surroundings which enables the artist to depict a world where all is not what it may seem to be, while she simultaneously constructs images of hope.