Gloria Hernando


The goal was to transform the Miami Marine Stadium chair into a throne fit for a deity. What was once an ordinary seat, is now an experience that connects past memories to the present moment. Sculptural horns, made by hand, tie into Latin for Glory’s emblem – the bull – and its courageous, determined, and celestial symbolism. Fire brings in a sacred and empowering element. Seven quotes are written on the chair’s wooden planks. Each quote was selected from over 160 stories, and captures the wilder, more free-spirited memories during concerts and performances at the stadium. The black color keeps the design modern and sophisticated – two adjectives that were used frequently to describe the stadium’s architecture from 1963. 


Latin for Glory is an independent artist from Miami, FL. She is known for the realistic works of art that she creates using color pencils on paper. Her main body of work focuses around the Bull – an animal that symbolizes power, raw energy, and manifestation since prehistoric times. Glory aims to harness the significance and importance of the Bull and inspire others through her art. Her professional background in architecture and interior design has a strong influence on her work. Every piece is developed with a strong concept, is executed with preciseness, and relies heavily on hand craftsmanship. Her art takes between 80 to 200 hours to create – a process that puts perseverance and determination to work.