Sergey Gordienko

Sergey Gordienko Artist Statement

 My mission is to inspire people to do what they love. For me, any surface that I can use to help me reach my goal-canvas, a wall, furniture-works for me.

When I saw this seat, I was inspired-it has such history! I knew I wanted to work on the seat right away. I took it to Wynwood and began painting at night-splashing it with bright colors because I wanted people to feel the positive energy. I wanted to transmit this feeling and give people who view the seat this same energy.  I went around the seat to make sure that each side is as beautiful as I wanted-I was seeing it all in my head. You can what I did-and how I did it in this video:

This was the first piece of furniture I have ever done, so it was something new for me. Plus, the seat has a story-it’s not just a cheap chair. I really enjoyed the process.