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Danielle Hansmann Artist Statement

 When I received this original Miami Marine Stadium seat, its weathered and dull appearance seemed in stark contrast to the colorful secrets within—a vibrant past I felt compelled to reveal. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding panorama, vivid light and stunning aura of South Florida, I set out to restore vivacity to a piece of the historic landmark.

With the city’s palette as my muse, I began to build on layers of paint, paper and plastic, each hue and texture representing a moment or event, for better or worse, in the passage through time. My process embraced the amalgamation of the bright spots and the weather-worn markings, just as we collect both along life’s journey. The intricate kaleidoscope pays homage to the abstract graffiti on the walls of the stadium and is open to interpretation, inviting you to seek what lies beneath the surface.


Above the frenzy of color, a single unmarked ibis is the focal point and guiding light through the chaos. Known for its bravery among South Floridians, the native bird is the last wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane, warning of imminent danger, and the first to reappear after. Just as the ibis’ return signifies the return of clear skies, this seat honors the hope of reclamation efforts and evolution of this historic stadium.