Miami Marine Stadium
Time Line




Marine Stadium constructed and basin dredged. The Stadium, which seats 6,500 people, is designed by Cuban born architect Hilario Candela. The man made basin-6,000 feet by 1,200 feet-is the length of the Washington Mall. The Stadium is built for a cost of $1 million; dredging the basin is another $1 million.

The land the Stadium is constructed on was originally County land. It was deeded to the City for the purpose of the Marine Stadium. The Deed has a reverter clause which states that in the event that the land is not used for a Marine Stadium-or related uses-then the property must revert back to the County.

1964 – 1992

Events Hosted

Many Events Hosted

Marine Stadium hosts many events. Originally designed for boat racing, the Stadium also features musical performances of every type, boxing, water shows, Easter sunrise services, campaign rallies, community events. During its last few years of operation, the Stadium deteriorates as the City of Miami shows less and less interest in managing the facility.

August 23, 1992

Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew

The City alleges that Hurricane Andrew damaged the facility and needs to be demolished. $1 million is requested from FEMA for that purpose. The insurance company commissions an engineering study by Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SGH);the study shows that the Stadium suffered no damage from Hurricane Andrew and requires $2-3 million in repairs due to the lack of investment during the operating period of 1964-1992.

After the SGH study was made public, there was organized opposition to the demolition, and the City backed off and returned the money to FEMA.

1992 – 2007



The Marine Stadium remains shuttered and due to lack of security, it is vandalized and covered with graffiti. Various redevelopment plans-which usually involve demolition of the Stadium-are proposed.