Robert Sylvain

Artist Statement

I’ve done a few chairs in the past several years but this one is different. The other chairs, I just painted them.

But when I got this seat, I did not know where to go because of the metal. So the first thing I did was to change the colors. Since there were no legs, I wanted to make it functional. I started to think of ways to put it together. The seat is made of wood and metal, so I decided to add more metal and other material to it.

The chair came from Miami Marine Stadium. So many different people sat it it-and for so many different events. So I wanted to give it a specific identity. That’s when the idea of a throne came to mind. I wanted to make it original.

Most of the tools in the chair came from the collection in my backyard. I added a pick and rake because the seat-like the Marine Stadium-is something that could be built from the ground up. I also added a chandelier and put it upside down-it shows the light, convincing myself that I was on the right path to develop this chair.

The wrench was used to change the tires of tractors and other big machines. I put it on top of the seat, as a headrest. We have the tools to keep moving in case of obstacles.

I used the glass not just for decoration, but for transparency and light. The stones are very colorful and are meant to symbolize different gems of great value-emeralds, diamonds, sapphires. They are meant to reflect the richness of our culture.

The whole concept of the throne shows the willpower to reach our goals. I tried to use different materials, materials that can be found throughout our lives. The different materials represent diversity, which I see as a positive. And the colors show clarity and vision.

I have done a lot of chairs but this one put me to the test. I was surprised at the direction that I took. I work on impulse and it just connected.