Andres Pico

Dias Artist Statement

“Sharp Turns”

Miami Marine Stadium has history in different eras. I grew up in Miami from the 90’s till today (2018). The Marine Stadium has been open before my time but I still get to see it today in its abandoned form with all the artwork around it. I know the Marine Stadium as a canvas and a place where creatives and extreme athletes gather and take photographs and paint a new mural without permission. It’s had its up and downs in throughout the years, but from the stories I have heard and read the Marine Stadium has had some great history here in Miami, speed boats would pass by so quick splashing waves creating a show for the crowd at the Marine Stadium.

I have been working with textures and movement of paintings. I thought of creating a piece that shows movement with a speed boat doing a sharp turn creating these textured waves. Water movement is so fascinating and the texture the waves create. I wanted to show a good time at the Marine Stadium on a piece of what it looks like now. I left some of the chair in this piece because I thought it worked well with the textures I created on it. This is a piece you must see in person to really grasp the movement and textures created. The piece is called “Sharp Turns” as it is literal to the subject of the painting but also abstract to the fact of the Marine Stadium changing in so many ways.