Alfredo Capelli and George Hernandez


The deliberate and conscientious act of contaminating our ocean waters with utmost disregard for marine life and casualties. Unfortunately this has become common place. The ocean has become a septic tank resulting in a slight scratchy throat and then a burning sensation in the lungs. Red tide is caused by alga known as Karenia-brevis which produces toxins. In Florida this is caused due to clogging of the inland waterways causing cyanobacteria. National Geographic explained it well , “Runoff from cattle farms and residential developments that lie north of Lake Okeechobee carries nutrients turning its waters into a thick green smoothie. Developments and sugar farms release pollutants into the water as well that flow out to sea. This in conjunction with polluting our waters with plastics and nonbiodegratable garbage is killing our marine life and our beaches and eventually ….US. We can do better….We HAVE to do BETTER!