Adam Thompson

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I began this project with the stadium chair from the incredible Miami Marine Stadium in Historic Virginia Key Beach Park with the intention of disassembling it and laying out the pieces ini an exploded diagram like in an Ikea instruction manual. I would then add a couple objects, maybe a beach ball and shove or a spray paint can, as if it were instructions for how to have a good time.

Once I disassembled the chair, painted the pieces, and laid them out on the wooden board I’d previously cut and painted, I loved the way it looked. More than that, I loved what it symbolizes with the link between the past and the present. You can see the old paint from the seat of the chair cracking through and a bit of the rust on the handles. For me, it is essential to remember the past and for me, the stadium is where I and so many others (even on this project) got inspired to pick up a spray paint can for the first time.

The board and all of its contents are securely attached and wall mountable. The colors are representative of what you see from the flora and an especially beautiful sunset, which can be best viewed from the stadium, itself.



Adam Thompson is a Philadelphia born, Miami based artist specializing in Abstract painting and installations currently residing in Miami. He is the son of a renowned architect, Robert Thompson, former CEO of KlingStubbins, one of the world’s largest architecture and engineering firms and Rosalie Thompson, a businesswoman who ran event planning for Blue Cross out of their Philadelphia HQ. He was educated at the elite Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and then studied Architecture and English with a focus in creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2008, he was on SOFI Magazine’s “33 Emerging Creative Artists You Need to Know” and was featured in his first Basel show at the (then) new Red Steakhouse. Since then he’s been selling and showing art around the world. His pieces can be seen in homes and stores from Los Angeles, California to Frankfurt, Germany.

His style is diverse but uniquely identifiable with geometric lines, exciting colors, and introspective subject matter. Adam’s newest series, Apollo 42, is named after his main inspiration Cy Twombly’s famous work, “Apollo,” which was made 42 years ago. Each piece in the series is an emotional exploration of our shared experiences in life and the humanity that brings us all together.

Adam has been featured in everything from Time Out New York to Glamour Italia to CNBC. His work is currently on display in ArtHood56 Gallery in Miami and various retail locations in Coconut Grove, Florida.