The Best Miami Marine Stadium Videos

Over the years, there have been hundreds of videos of the Marine Stadium—some authorized, and some done illegally as people would sneak into the Stadium (you can’t do that now because the Stadium has a 24-hour guard.

Below are our three favorite videos:

Miami Marine Stadium Exhibition Video

The best summary of what the Marine Stadium is all about-past/present/future. Done for the Miami Marine Stadium exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum in 2013. About ten minutes long.

Heineken Miami Marine Stadium Video

Heineken is the first corporate brand to recognize the power of the Marne Stadium. They did a very successful crowd funding campaign in 2016-and they are back again during the summer of 2019 to do another promotion for the Marine Stadium. This video-90 seconds in length-was done to promote Heineken’s 2016 campaign. The production values are extraordinary. Heineken crashed a drone into the Marine Stadium to get the final shot.

This video went viral and generated 39 million views.

Parkour at the Marine Stadium

Maybe the most emotional-and best-video ever shot at the Stadium. The producers of this video cried the first time they saw it. We did, too. We dare you to watch this! About six minutes in length